Aliases The Boiling City
Size Large City
Location Ibben, Tir'Ein
Ruler Marquis Silvane de'Fountaine
Population 13,400
Exports Seagoods

Chaudron (SHED-ron) is a city in western Ibben. It is an important harbor, with a large military port. Counting 13,400 inhabitants, Chaudron is the main metropolitan area of West Ibben. The heart of the city is its castle, Château de Chaudron.

The city's history began when the chateau was given a military harbor. Chaudron soon grew around it. Chaudron’s history has always been linked to the sea: the Académie de Marine (Naval Academy) was founded in 1052 in this city. Every four years, Chaudron hosts the international festival of the sea, boats and sailors: it is a meeting of old riggings from around the world.

The city is known as the Boiling City because of its Location in the caldera of a dormant volcano, which owes to its famous hot springs. The city has extensive caverns that connect at various places to Dar-Kunor. The city also lives in the shadow of Mount Viers. The House de'Fontaine is the city's historical keepers.



Mansion de'Fontaine

Tinemad Tur

Home to the history of the city as well as its Archmage.

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