Chaos Mage

A Chaos Mage is a type of sorcerer who uses wild magic.

Your innate magic comes from the wild forces of chaos that underlie the order of creation. You might have endured exposure to some form of raw magic, perhaps through a planar portal leading to Limbo, the Elemental Planes, or the mysterious Far Realm. Perhaps you were blessed by a powerful fey creature or marked by a demon. Or your magic could be a fluke of your birth, with no apparent cause or reason. However it came to be, this chaotic magic churns within you, waiting for any outlet.

The ability to channel and manipulate raw
arcane power belongs to sorcerers alone—at
least, that’s what the mainstream schools
of magic would have you believe. But a handful of
wizards and bards have mastered something similar,
called chaos magic. Dominating the chaotic energy
of change itself leads a spellcaster along a narrow
path that circles a pit of madness. Those who cling
tenaciously to the path and avoid slipping into that
roiling pit are rewarded with exceptional gifts. These
practitioners, known as chaos mages (wizards) or luck
stealers (bards), learn to alter reality through strength
of will alone.

Starting when you choose this origin at 1st levei, your
spellcasting can unleash surges of untamed magic.
lmmediately after you cast a sorcerer spell of 1st levei
or higher, the DM can have you roll a d20. If you roll a
I, roll on the Wild Magic Surge table to create a random
magical effect.

Starting at 1st levei, you can manipulate the forces of
chance and chaos to gain advantage on one attack roll,
ability check, or saving throw. Once you do must
6nish a long rest before you can use this feature again.
Any time before you regain the use of lhis feature, the
DM can have you roll on the Wild Magic Surge table
immediately after you cast a sorcerer spell of Ist levei or
higher. You then regain the use of this feature.

Starting at 6th levei, you have the ability to twist fate
using your wild magic. When another creature you can
see makes an attack roll, an ability check, or a saving
throw, you can use your reaction and spend 2 sorcery
points to roll Id4 and apply the number rolled as a
bonus or penalty (your choice) to the creature's roll. You
can do so after the creature rolls but before any effects
of the roll occur.

At 14th levei, you gain a modicum of control over the
surges of your wild magic. Whenever you roll on the
Wild Magic Surge table, you can roll twice and use
either number.

Beginning at 18th leveI, the harmful energy of your
spells intensifies. When you roll damage for a spell and
roll the highest number possible on any of lhe dice,
choose one of those dice, roll it again and add that roll to
the damage. You can use the feature only once per turno

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