Chance Chevalier
Chance Chevalier
Biographical Information
Location of Birth White City
Date of Birth 1353 NS
Home White City
Physical Description
Race Human, desberi
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Julia Chevalier
(elder sister)
Maurice Chevalier
(elder brother)
Occupation Adventurer
Loyalty ?

Chance Chevalier is a desberi artificer and dungeon delver. He is a member of the noble House of Chevalier. He is a member of the Compass Society and its wizard circle, the Order of the Wandering Torch.

He is the inventor of the Stillbox, an image capturing device. Chevaliertype photography.


Early Life

When he was eight years old and wandering the family mansion at night seeking a glass of water he beheld the strange sight of his mother speaking with a raven in the garden under the light of a red moon, though when he mentioned it in the morning his mother simply said it must have been a dream. Or when Chance was fifteen his elder brother, Maurice, vanished for an entire year without a trace, though this did not seem to alarm any other family members, and when Maurice returned he acted as if nothing at all unusual had ever occurred.

When Chance was nine years old, he attended an outdoor wedding of a friend of the family. Completely bored with the proceedings, he began wandering around and came across a man in a dusty green greatcoat and wide brimmed hat who was using a telescope to view birds. The man, seeing Chance's interest, let the young boy make use of the telescope. Chance was enthralled by the simple device and how it could let someone see something far away so closely and since then has held a love of technological devices. The man in question was actually a member of the Order of the Wandering Torch, named Benjamin John ren Corlaine.

Chance attended the Astrid University in White City where he met Almalia d'Villeret. Almalia, despite being trained to be a proper noble lady, held a love of travel in her heart and intended to make her way as a cartographer and join the Compass Society. However not long before finishing school she ran afoul of a carriage accident that crushed both her legs to the point where no amount of magical healing could restore them. With no prospects for travel in her future Chance swore to her that he would go to those places in her stead and make maps and pictures of all of the locations in the world, bringing it back to her so she could still see them.


Because of his promise to Almalia, Chance sought to join the Compass Society. His sponsor was the wizard Benjamin John ren Corlaine.

Chance set out on his first travels as a cartographer, but soon became entangled in the plots of an organization known as the Prophets. The leader of this group is Gregory d'Villeret, father of Almalia. The cruel Gregory blackmailed Chance into performing tasks, threatening to kill Almalia if Chance doesn't cooperate.

Ballad of Marcel and Emily

see The Ballad of Marcel and Emily

In 1374 NS, Chance was in Alexandria and took on many adventures.

The Gatekeepers

Later in 1374, Chance found himself in Lon Saesh. He was later captured by wild elves and battled a den of green dragons.

The Verdant King Saga

see The Verdant King Saga

Chance was contacted in 1376 while in Dragoneve, Ibben by Elyen Trist, a red racer and friend of Chance. Elyen gave him a letter from his family asking him to travel to the Maretaru Marble Mines in the Vin-Roshu Hills. A representative of the Chevalier household was sent to cement a business alliance between the two houses, but has not sent any word back.

Elyen told Chance that he was headed in the direction and would accompany Chance, an offer the young artificer readily accepted. Together they traveled into the hills and found the marble mines in ruin, the only two survivors were Calator and Taceria Maretaru. They told Chance of the attack on the mines, as if the night itself came alive and attacked them. The four of them followed a trial north and soon found themselves in the presence of ghostly wraiths. Elyen fell in battle and Chance swore to him that he would ensure his burial. The three continued and soon found themselves at a strange cabin in a forest.


Chance is very, almost apocalyptically, stubborn when it comes to giving his word. If Chance promises something, no matter how insane, no matter how utterly impossible said promise may become, he will rip apart Nora itself to fulfill the promise. While generally calm and polite he can become quite wrathful towards those who would threaten the object of his promise or get in the way of fulfilling his word. That said he is also generally quite careful about giving his word, as he understands that doing so is a binding contract between himself and the person he gives it do, so it won't be something he'll just do. He might "agree" to do something, but that is quite different. Only when he says the words, "I give my word," does he really mean it in that context. Any other form of agreement is just that, agreement, but not exactly the same binding words as above.


Julia Chevalier

For as long as Chance can remember Julia has been at the center of odd and dark happenings, from potential suitors dying from strange circumstances, to Chance's discovery of a strange chest filled with journals in Julia's room, yet none of the journals belonged to her but to people Chance did not recognize. On top of that whenever he has asked her about what she does in her knightly order he is very coldly, sometimes even violently, rebuffed. While many more examples of mystery abound within the Chevalier family it is suffice to say that Chance is keenly aware of the oddness of his family and does his best to curb his ever growing curiosity to discover the truth.


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