Ceorlstrang the Merciless

Ceorlstrang the Merciless (r. 202 - 167 PI) was the first king of Ilefain and the predecessor of elknor-the-wretched. He was a cruel and tyrannical king, but through his leadership, the Kingdom of Erwynn was able to conquer the Kingdom of Coranthe to form Ilefain for the first time.



The 13 Rebellion

A rebellion lead by the general who would later be known as elknor-the-wretched, sought to take down the malicious king.


Ceorlstrang was frightening, particularly in his early days. The Song of Gamon in 206 PI described him as a griffin, an animal regarded as particularly powerful and unpredictable. Despite these frightening character traits, however, Ceorlstrang's contemporaries considered him an able, even an ideal, king. Though not loved by his subjects, he was feared and respected. He met contemporary expectations of kingship in his role as an able, determined soldier. In religious observance he also fulfilled the expectations of his age: he attended chapel regularly and gave alms generously.

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