Centaurs are often depicted as savage barbarians, they are in fact a deeply spiritual people. The centaurs are an old race, coming to Nora from the Twilithe. When portals to Carcereth opened and the devils invaded the centaurs took up arms against them. They grew a strong racial hatred for all evil immortals and now guard the northern reaches of the Devil's Hand Peninsula and fight the devils found there.


Long isolated from the rest of the world the centaurs are a proud people. They exist in a somewhat primitive state forming loose tribes that shun humans and other races and see them as lesser beings who can never possibly understand their way of life.

The centaurs are not by definition savage, they simply cling to an older tradition and dislike being disturbed or meddled with. Tribal centaurs see no common ground between them and humans as only they can truly connect with nature. All centaurs are very spiritual, they feel a closeness with the land and believe it is their duty to protect it.

Centaur tribes are usually governed by a single sirriam who deals out justice as they see fit. Killing or even openly challenging a sirriam is a serious offense to all centaurs and is a crime that can only be paid for in blood.

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