Celestial Language

—("Be Not Afraid!") Angelic greeting to mortals

The language referred to as Celestial (Celestial: Shamayimdibur; שמיםדיבור) the Common tongue, is a group of related varieties or dialects spoken throughout the good aligned planes, Holy Seicania, Gardenia and the Twilithe. The variation between the dialects in these three planes allow the speakers to understand each other, but still speak in the language of their fellows.

Celestial and the Church of Light

The Church of Light has declared Celestial to be a sacred tongue and not meant for the mortal world. As such the language is set aside only for the preparing and casting of spells, holy rituals and religious rites. All other traditional prayers, psalms, holy writings and sermons are done in traditional Draconic, or Common.

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