Celestial bodies

Celestial bodies are significant physical entities or associations which exist beyond the night sky.


The great sun of the world shines down and brings light and safety.


see Yunis

The single moon left after the terrible Moonfall, Yunis now comes out at night alone. Called Metztli by the Shi'imti people.


see Arcturis

Arcturis is a prominent star that lies close to the horizon and always to the north. It is by far the brightest star in the night sky, so bright that it can still be visible during the day.



Serendral of the North Sky

The Serendral are collections of bright stars that form pictures historically been used for astrology and navigation. There are fifty-three holy serendral according to the elves, while humans tend to mind only twelve.

The Dragon

Directly south.

The Hand

The Harp

The Lion

The Prisoner

The Snake

The Staff

Also called the Arbiter's Staff, it is a crooked line of nine bright stars.

The Stag

The Sun

In the east lies nine stars that make this constellation holy to the priests of Kira. It is said that the Sun will be instrumental to the return of the Lady of Light.

The Sword

The Traveler

A very curious group of stars in the north-east, in that the eladrin attest that only in the last thousand years have they been seen. People have taken this to mean that the traveler is the blessing of the gods towards the Allied Kingdoms of Nora.

The Tree


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