Cecillia II d'Avespeare
Cecillia II d'Avespeare
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Castle Darkspire, Ibben
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death
Home Flamehearth, Ibben
Alias(es) The Iron Princess
Title(s) Princess of Ibben
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members House d'Avespeare
Urien d'Avespeare (father)
Cecillia d'Avespeare (mother)
Balan d'Avespeare (brother)
Tarran d'Avespeare (brother)
Leena Black (half-sister)
Cassandra d'Avespeare
Vanna de'Foe (aunt)
Neill de'Foe (uncle)
Zaira Redletter (aunt)
Jethon Redletter (uncle
Severus d'Avespeare (uncle)
Mara d'Avespeare (aunt)
Fina d'Avespeare (aunt)
Anatina d'Avespeare (aunt)
Lola d'Avespeare (aunt)
Aquina d'Avespeare (aunt)
Tera du'Norecer (aunt)
Galters du'Norecer (uncle)
Tristan de'Foe (cousin)
Milon de'Foe (cousin)
Katriana Redletter (cousin)
Alori du'Norecer (cousin)
Rothari du'Norecer (cousin)
Morran Windpath (aunt)
Owyne Windpath (uncle)
Gavan d'Avespeare (uncle)
Synde d'Avespeare (cousin)
Occupation ?
Loyalty House d'Avespeare
House de'Foe
Kingdom of Ibben

Princess Cecillia II d'Avespeare, often called Cici by her friends and relatives, is the daughter of King Urien d'Avespeare. Her she is very fond of Milon de'Foe and her fiancee is Lodor Sollyn.


Birth and early life

She may be the subject of a prophecy told by King Urien from a dream he had on the day of her birth. So far, it has yet to come true.


Cici left Castle Darkspire when King Urien left on his sojourn. She asked Lord Neill de'Foe to train her in the sword and lance. He took her on as a squire, which caused many odd looks, scornful remarks and even physical attacks from visiting nobles. She took all the hardship and allowed it to harden her resolve. She has grown very close to Lord Neill.


She had refused most of the marriage offers presented to her, much to the consternation of Lord Neill, but she eventually accepted to marry Lodor Sollyn, a knight she has no love for.

Appearance and personality

Powers and abilities

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