Castle Parch
Castle Parch
Aliases Castletown
Size Metropolis
Location Chanterey County,
Coranthe, Ilefain
Ruler ?
Population 18,800
Exports ?

Castle Parch is a large city in Coranthe, Ilefain. Located just outside the Gloomshine Forest.

climate is colder than surrounding places due to the forest.


Aquarian presence
originally founded as Aquarian colony
sided with losing faction of civil war
breifly conqured by another faction, but reclaimed by aquarians.
Birthplace of ioan-alexandru-ii of Vatharond as well as the House of Alexandru.
regrew in Age of kings as several hunting villages (Arrowmarch)
featured location of famous novel
famous flute player
famous jouster


huge central white castle with massive fountain, giant walls, stair cases, gardens. Owned by the people. Used as theater, museum and art gallery.
hanging gardens
Purple Hall
Mydigg University
Grand wizard tower underneath which is the tomb of Argentis Argantum.
Cathedral of skulls (dedicated to saint)
Postal hub
art gallery
opal mine
large inn
fortified monastery
nearby forested cliffs
nearby old cathedral ruins
ruins of old aquarian gardens


Hunter's culture
House d'Moreau
local newspaper
high half elven population
notable elven population
military parade
theater culture
large number of theaters
new fad of theater is dark and violent subjects.
fortune telling
famous foot race


high crime rate
Home to the Midnight Circus.
Home, also, to the Nightsong.

Famous residents

sidha-haryaki, High Priest of the Cult of the Eternal Phoenix

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