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Aliases ?
Size Small Town
Location Topicca county,
Erdrafos, Canstice
Ruler ?
Population 1,200
Exports ?

Castelli is a town in Erdrafos, Canstice. It is surrounded by swampy land with unique reeds. It is on the banks of the Malibarda River and on the border of the Volverin Forest.

It is 12 miles away to the Prasinus Imperator in the Mnemerian Highlands. Also, across the river to the north-east is the ruins of the Lýantine Empire city Monovo.


Founded by Tieflings during the wandering.
iron spear came during the Hellgate crusade and built the fortress
recent city fire


River island
fish market
local formation of natural crystals
city hall is also an important museum
old monastery with a prison. guards are warrior monks. has clock tower
chapter of iron spear fortress
newspaper printer
river lighthouse on the bend
cathedral with statue of important religious figure

Culture and economy

Deva population
residents are very religious and love hymns
religious bards
famous town church of light choir
rebellious youth that write scathing satirical poetry
famous annual carnival
A local type of reeds in the nearby swamps having many local uses. A central part of the town's economy.
glass makers
steel smiths and metalworkers
pig ranchers

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