cast of characters in The Archmages Saga: Universal

This is a list of characters from The Archmages Saga: Universal.

Main Characters

Felix Richter

see Felix Richter

dhampir arcane trickster

Meredith and Jorlan

see Meredith and Jorlan

a young paladin girl with a fighter handler

Leoric Orthalis

see Leoric Orthalis

oracle of time

Cerise Mirrorscale

see Cerise Mirrorscale

cleric of ornus

Caw and Tik the Gnome

see Caw and Tik

barbarian half-human half-orc, and a gnome rogue.

Inside the Academy

Thomas-Edward ren d'Roux

see Thomas d'Roux

A professor of enchantment. Enjoys being esoteric.


see Ardain

A female elf professor of evocation. Straight forward personality.


A mysterious intruder.

Hadrick Brown

A professor of illusion. Dead and possessed by a demon.


A possessing demon.


Meat pie server

Beila Atcher


Vernon the Vermin


see Dweller

Professor Gaspard

Benjamen Corlaine

The Mordenkainen

see Yrag Greyhawk

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