cast of characters in ARWW: Unification

This is a list of characters from A River Without Water: Unification

Main Characters

Leonid "Leo" Antonov

see Leonid Antonov

Merrium Airgid Kraemer

see Merrium Kraemer

Ranita Riverchild

see Ranita Riverchild

Sangar Zolmir II

see Sangar Zolmir II

Secondary Characters

A'lia Zolmir

see A'lia Zolmir

Daughter of Tiranda and Sangar. She is peppy, sweet and naive. She has a gift for silence and climbing.

Heiland Kraemer

see Heiland Kraemer

Twin son of Merrium and Ranita. He is practical and not easy to impress. He has no talent for magic and therefore has no interest in it, referring to "wizard's tricks". He often takes advantage of A'lia's trustworthy nature.

Rieka Kraemer

see Rieka Kraemer

Twin daughter of Merrium and Ranita. She is usually calm and quiet. She has displayed incredible insight and has shown to be able to cast cantrips.

Order of the Firebringer

The Nightingale

see the Nightingale


see Tiranda

Bianca Zalatoi

see Bianca Zalatoi

Denizens of the Lake

King Vodyanoy

Queen Vellamo

Princess Rusalka

see Princess Rusalka

Anders Zolmir

His death by drowining in the lake had transformed him into a demon who hated the Riverstone family. He was defeated, and in his last moments, asked Sangar to forgive him.

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