cast of characters in The Traditional Way Saga

The following is a cast of characters in The Traditional Way Saga.

Main Characters

Sergio Slate

see Sergio Slate

of House il'Savaza, oread kineticist

Valdenn Scales

see valdenn-scales

the Redscales of the House of Barrik, human bloodrager;

Jovius the Lion

see jovius-the-lion

of the House of Etheria, human cavalier, Peikkolapsian Rouncey, age 21

squire is Amalthea, riding a Scymperian Courser;

Brochmaer Reef

see Brochmaer Reef

of the House of Harlow, elven brawler

Tournament of Kings


Mercurio White (Knt)
Minerva Star (mag)
Cairenn Elwick (Mag)
Ilian Maretaru (Mag)
Harold d'Cyr (Knt)
Calvano White (Dex)
Dardano Rider (knt)
Nero Storms (mag)
Eamon Strongheart (Mag)
Dimiter Graves (dex)
Cazo Storms (knt)
Valaphiqui (Str) (dex)
Zhenya (str)
Marigold (str)
Drusinthe (Str)
Ananthe (str) (dex)
Chukri (Str) (dex)
Livia (Dex)
Tabat (mag)
Allyn Wellselw (str)
Tonan (str) (dex)
Enora-Grace Selwe (dex)
Kathrys Wyaray (str)
Pengormagl (mag)
Felix-Marcel Shanmoor (mag)
Rasanz (str)
Zdisla Sokolov (dex) (knt)
Lafa vel'Heerser (str) (knt)
Bjerkhard Loria (str)
Rada Thrune (mag)
Arend (str)
Swulfwald (dex)

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