cast of characters in the Tempest Vale Saga

This is a list of characters from the the Tempest Vale Saga.

Main Characters

Damien the Raven

see Damien the Raven

Human rogue.

Grugan Flambrewer

see Grugan Flambrewer

Dwarven alchemist

Alzerron Shaw

see Alzerron Shaw

Human summoner

Xie Tianshi

see Xie Tianshi

Aasimar cleric of Dhanni

Zhi An

see Zhi An

Kitsune holy gun paladin

Residents of Cairshengôl

Cathbhadh (ca-vassh), son of Fachtna

see Cathbhadh

Local Keeper druid. His daughter is Éblenn.

Éblenn (ev-lin), daughter of Cathbhadh

A happy young girl, eager to learn about the forest and become a druid like her father.

Tomaltach the Aedh

see Tomaltach the Aedh

The Chief of Clan Aedh. He is a moral man.

Colleen, daughter of Aonas

half eladrin lover of Irdras and the mother of Cyra

Cyra (kai-ra), daughter of Irdras

half eladrin daughter of the ranger Irdras and the beautiful seamstress, Colleen.

Rigan (ree-gan), daughter of Royan

a local whore, sister of Ógán.

Ógán (oh-gahn), son of Royan

orphan boy watched over by his sister, Rigan

Gerren Kreed

son of Thorsten Kreed. Bully.

Donndubhán (don-o-van) the Shade, son of Senach

local mysterious wizard

Seanán (shan-an), son of Donndubhán

son of the local wizard


see Alba

Tomaltach's servant-girl.

Crónán Bloodeye

Local rake.

Lumber Consortium

Thorsten Kreed

see Thorsten Kreed

Tall and blonde.


see Payday

Kreed's lead enforcer.


The Church

Cardinal Fortuné fir d'Oresme

Albéric Price

William Ward


Black Agnis Oak

A witch of the woods.

The Cold Rider

Captain Deòiridh (der-ish)

Captain of the Whorestabber.

Deònaid (day-nath) the Damned

Duartane Shiningspear

see Duartane Shiningspear

Old eladrin hero

Ealadhan (ele-than) the Prince of Darkness with Golden Hair

Fearhan (ferr-en) With His Shovel

grave digger


see Gunnbjorn

Saig's guide and giant hunter.


girl from the orphanage


brother to Talan, keeper of the Old Mounds

Melusine the Maiden O' the Wood

spirit of the forest

Saig Dellfast

Explorer, archivist and member of the Compass Society. He is researching old giant ruins with Gunnbjorn.


Cursed, brother to Margh

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