cast of characters in ARWW: The Supreme Ordeal

This is a list of characters from A River Without Water: The Supreme Ordeal.

Main Characters

Leonid "Leo" Antonov

see Leonid Antonov

Called Ogreasmorderson by his teacher, Biegolmai.

Merrium Airgid Kraemer

see Merrium Kraemer

Tutored in arcane arts by Chernomor.

Ranita Riverchild

see Ranita Riverchild

Taught the ways of the wild by Zaghnol, the boar spirit.

Sangar Zolmir II

see Sangar Zolmir II

Called "Wren" by his teacher, Timothy Loralen.

Residents of Dammburg

Shepherd Bremer


Deva high priest.

Alric Zolmir

Golina Zolmir

Residents of Elby

Mary vel'Daer

Former Lady Mayor of Elby

Johann Faust

A doctor working for the Order.

Shepherd Vorster Issac

The Shepherd of Elby.

Residents of Evandra

Captain Antilli

Archduke il'Comelli

Countess Jelena il'Maji


A thief

Residents of Heuaft

Arthur Birkens

see Arthur Birkens

Nikolas's son, eager to atone for the sins of his father.

Nikolas Birkens

The formor mayor of Elby. Attempted to betray the town to the Order.

Clint Buchwald

Was kidnapped by the mayor

Katya Buchwald

Formerly Katya Lars. The wife of Clint.

Residents of Ulme

Karella Daggerhand

see Karella Daggerhand

A young thief girl. She hates the Order of Praavda and harries them at every opportunity.


Fast Cat

Residents of Zuffels

Burchard the Wolf

Pasha vel'Heerser

Vanya vel'Heerser

Viktor Ivanov

Alexei Skulsky

Residents of the Temple of Eight


Eisvolk priestess

Nicola Myra

see Nicola Myra

High Priest of Ornus.

Nika Orlova

Priestess of Ornus, niece of Myra.

Sasha il'Berzanti

Girl living in the Temple of Eight.

Slaves in the Temple of Truth

Bors Riverstone

see Bors Riverstone

He died by the enlightened while defending his daughter.

Sangar the Maimed

see Sangar the Maimed

Michelle Zolmir

see Michelle Zolmir

Silver Elves of An Tuath

King Elegast

see elegast

The Lorekeeper

Mor Sleatroda

see Mor Sleatroda


see Tiranda

An eladrin spellsword.


Lord Agonduke

see Tugarin Zmeja

A black knight.

Biegolmai the Ogre

see Biegolmai

A solitary ogre.

Gruoch Fiach Dubh Bua

The daughter of a distinguished fighter and Merrium's fiance. From Eiledomhan, the Golden Kingdom. She is 114, just returned from the Gate and still bears the scars. She is in the process of choosing her mentor for her commander training.

She is to be wed to Merrium in 1382 NS.


see Chernomor

A dwarven wizard.

Echo the Dragon

see Echo

Shauna Felis

see Shauna Felis

An armswoman in the service of Vordenker.

Sigurt Kraemer

see Sigurt Kraemer

Formerly the Lash of Shepherd Bremer of Dammburg.

Timothy Loralen

see Timothy Loralen

Half-elven bard.

The Nightingale

see the Nightingale

A swarthy rogue fighting against the Order.

Rowt Schadden

Second in command of the Dragonblade Dwarves.

Vankar Scholstev

A fang dragon masquerading as an evil dwarf.

Nullang Tempel

Dwarven slave. He attempted to convince the party to free his princess, Unklara Federn from the upper levels of the Temple of Truth.


see Chu Hsi

A traveling wizard.

Zaghnol, the Father of Great Boars

see Zaghnol

Bianca Zalatoi

see Bianca Zalatoi

A golden haired paladin with a strong sword.

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