cast of characters in ARWW: Separation

This is a list of characters from A River Without Water: Separation.

Main Characters

Leonid "Leo" Antonov

see Leonid Antonov

The eldest of the children at age ten, Leo usually wound up as the ringleader of the four as well as their judge. He was entrusted by his father Anton to look after the group while he was away and Leo took to this assignment well. Throughout all their adventures and trials, Leo kept his cool and his wits.

Merrium Airgid Kraemer

see Merrium Kraemer

Merrium took the tales of his parentage to heart and played the role of an eladrin prince. He would act first on principle and would insist on his superiority over the others, though they would tease his half-eladrin nature by calling him "half-people". In truth, Merrium knew very little about his heritage, only knowing a few scraps told to him by his father Sigurt and Anton.

Ranita "Rani" Riverchild

see Ranita Riverchild

Little Rani, shy but determined, was the soul of the four. The other children would constantly tease her and refer to her as a fish because of her blue hair and her connection to the Lake spirits. Though teased or not, at the young age of 6 she faced ghosts, evil fey and orcs and still managed to survive through smarts, courage and a little luck.

Sangar Zolmir II

see Sangar Zolmir II

Sangar could never hold still for long and often acted without thinking of the consequences. He loved the stories of the adventures of their fathers and wished adventure for himself. He would run, hide, seek, poke and fight anything that gave him cause. He was always ready to strive forward and never give up. If Rani was the soul of the group, Sangar was the heart.

Residents of Ackerburg

Anton Halfhand

see Anton Halfhand

Natassia il'Berzanti

see Natassia il'Berzanti

Sigurt Kraemer

see Sigurt Kraemer

Bors Riverstone

see Bors Riverstone

Lesya Riverstone

see Princess Rusalka

Sangar the Maimed

see Sangar the Maimed

Michelle Zolmir

see Michelle Zolmir

Residents of Elby

Jakob Huber

Elfrida Huber

Lara Huber

Katya Lars

Residents of Fairyland

Queen Elphame

The Queen of the kingdom of Cuasachbaile. Her real name is Triacla Banríon.

Mil the Sprite

Cainéal the Outcast

Bán, the Thief

Vyvyan, the Autumn Witch


King Begierig

Queen Begierig

Captain Blaire

Echo the Dragon

see Echo

The Groundskeeper

Burchard the Wolf

see Burchard the Wolf

Burchard vel'Heerser, Duke of Sachrunin.

Pasha vel'Heerser

The eldest daughter, proud and haughty.

Vanya vel'Heerser

The youngest daughter, pretty and shy.

Malagar the Grim

Evil ghost

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