cast of characters in Rise of the Runelords

This is a list of characters who appear in Rise of the Runelords.

Main Characters

Tao Ábhaillí-Ravenwing

see Tao Abhailli-Ravenwing

Turey Caballo

see Turey Caballo

Cold Steel

see Cold Steel

Faas Savich

see Faas Savich

Ruis Willowtree

see Ruis Willowtree


see Xev

Residents of Yorik

Savah Belgraver

see Savah Belgraver

Owner of Savah’s Armory. A young daughter of a blacksmith, she is a keen business woman.


see Belleghas

Professor of Lore, Theory and Relations at the Academy.

Cyrdrak Drotske

This flamboyant bard is the owner and sole financier of the Yorik Theater. Having had to flee Jaress for reasons unknown, he takes great pride in competing directly with their playhouses on a regular basis. Although he habitually flirts with any handsome man who crosses his path, his romantic relationship with the paladin Sir Jasper Korvaski is one of Yorik's worst-kept secrets. For some reason, he and Nu Quan don't get along. The two of them rarely miss an opportunity to insult or slander each other, but neither has seen fit to explain the cause of their rivalry.

Balor Hemlock

see Balor Hemlock

gruff sheriff

Mother Mavratilova

Niska Mavratilova gives new meaning to the term "elder." Ancient even at Yorik's founding, Mother Mavratilova is a Chal historian and seer. Most of her readings are made with cards or carved bones, but recently she shares the same sense of brooding and dread as many oracles, and rarely enjoys casting her predictions. She lives in a large manor house which was built for her as part of the peace accord between the Yorik Mercantile League and locals. It was agreed that the manor would revert to the town's control upon Madame Mavratilova's death, but even decades later she is still a vibrant part of the community. Even in her old age, she still enjoys walks in the forest with regional druids who come to town regularly to lead her on her outings.

Some rumor that Mother Mavaratilova has a daughter, but most have never seen such a relative.

Kendra de'la'Montagne

see Kendra de'la'Montagne

Kendra de'la'Montagne has served as Yorik’s mayor for the past eight years. Lawmaker, judge, and general peacemaker, de'la'Montagne has proven to be both an adept diplomat and stern hand when need be—skills likely honed during her youth in Luendig and adventuring in the region. With a personal (some say sisterly) style of governing, Kendra holds the abiding respect of most of Yorik’s people, charming them with her fiery temper and tenacity for justice (as demonstrated during the Late Unpleasantness). A council of several of the town’s most respected and affluent landowners aids de'la'Montagne’s work. While several council members have their own agendas and visions for the town, the mayor’s no-nonsense attitude assures that council decisions ever work toward the common good.

Lodewyk Quan

Lodewyk Quan is the patron of the House of Quan in Yorik. His wife died five years ago. Lodewyk is a short-tempered, misanthropic man who failed to establish good connections to his children Fu Shang and Nu. Especially the former, a half-elf, whose very existence was open proof of his wife's infidelity. His daughter, who was quite a successful adventurer and thereafter the owner of Yorik's Black Mountain is no source of pride for him either.

Nu Quan

see Nu Quan

Tavern owner and former adventurer.

Titus Savich

see Titus Savich

Patron of the Savich Family; loggers. Self-righteous, greedy, snobbish, and uber conservative head of the Savichs, Titus, is not a man to be crossed lightly. Although, he’s not an evil man, he is not a good guy. Elderly Lens have not forgotten his father’s assault on their people over 40 years ago, and while Alamon was put to the earth 20 years ago, the Len turn their hate on Titus. Most people think he’s still bitter about losing the Mayor’s race to Kendra Delamontagne and this opinion is hard to deny as he goes out of his way to frustrate most of her municipal efforts.

Shamil Smoothhands

see Shamil Smoothhands

Ethram Veldkamp

see Ethram Veldkamp

Pragmatic aristocrat and member of the Yorik Mercantile League; waning features, a thinning white beard, and a chronic cough reveal his failing health. Ethram’s years are numbered for the old man has a lung infection that keeps coming back, no matter how often the family pays to have it cured.

Jurian Voelker

see Jurian Voelker

Aren Zenden

see Aren Zenden

town priest

Residents of Jaress

Aldern Foxglove

see Aldern Foxglove

Burnt Offerings


Fu Shang Quan

see Fu Shang Quan

Leader of goblins and traitor to the town.

Nualia Tobyn

see Nualia Tobyn

The Skinsaw Murders

Hook Mountain Massacre

Barl Breakbones

"Håndtere disse insektene. De har forårsaket nok problemer for meg."


Shael Goldhair

see Shael Goldhair

Orik Vancaster

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