cast of characters in The Archmages Saga: Evocation

This is a list of characters from The Archmages Saga: Evocation.

Main Characters

Maximilian Colwynn

see tempest

A wizard soon to graduate from Yorik Wizarding Academy. He has an analytical mind.


see Nai-shi

A monk of the Four Winds.

Nikki Floren

see Nikki Floren

A heretic on the run from the church in hiding.

Grigor O'Cuul

see Grigor O'Cuul

Traveling minstrel and friend to Clovers-Luc. In town on mysterious business.


see Sin

A mysterious stranger.

Yorik Academy Faculty

see Yorik Wizarding Academy

Shamil Smoothhands

see Shamil Smoothhands

Annave Nevin

see Annave Nevin

Ruis Willowtree

see Ruis Willowtree

Yorik Academy Students

Clovers-Luc Hawthorne

Residents of Yorik

see Yorik






see Fieriel

Vastania Darkheart

see vastania-darkheart

Kyrstan Bellenar

Francois Mervoi d'Roux

see Francois Mervoi d'Roux

Baira Elderscroll

see Baira Elderscroll

The Shadow Puppeteer

A dragonborn nethermancer. Uses shadowstrands to puppet living beings.

The Ghost of Prince Harold

see Prince Harold



see Otiluke

Susan Jenkins

Gordon-Lou Renault

Mandy Valin

see Mandy Valin

Master Hummingbird

The Thief

see Lucas Florentine

Angelique d'Zalen

Mysterious Countess of Castle Drakensteijn.

Archmage Highwind

see Alexander Tychon ren Highwind

Leon Chevalier

see Leon Chevalier

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