cast of characters in The Archmages Saga: Conjuration

This is a list of characters from The Archmages Saga: Conjuration.

Main Characters

Andreu es'Orñelos-Fontaña

see Andreu es'Ornelos

Nephew of Archmage Tophas es’Orñelos-Mirez and upperclassman of the Acadamae, Andreu is caught in one of his family's never ending series of plots and machinations. However, this one may prove fatal as he discovers the history of his own parents.

Daevon Ivir

see Daevon Ivir

Under the codename "Rain", Daevon serves as an executor of the Archduke's will. He arrived in Los Torres to oversee the security of the Breaching Festival, but it seems the upper workings of the archduchy have different plans for him.

Malareth the Ebon Watcher

see Malareth

A member of a secret order, this eladrin came to the city based on prophecy. He was set on witnessing a great event that would shape history to come.


see Glitch

A wandering warforged Holy Avenger from across the Geryon, Stitch wishes nothing more than to right the wrongs happening within Los Torres.


see Amidio

A member of the Order of the Dyn, Amidio is searching for the prize money to ensure his comfortable retirement.

Antoine d'Moreau

see Antoine d'Moreau

The legendary monster hunter himself, Antoine d'Moreau is famous from all over Ilefain for hunting many dangerous creatures. Together, with his roc companion, he is attempting his next big challenge, the Breaching Festival!


Cade Summersong

see Cade Summersong

The famous halfling bard entered into the Breaching Festival for mysterious purposes. While waiting on the festival morning, he spoke with Malareth and asked questions about Daevon. When the festival beginning was announced, Cade withdrew and left and subtly as he arrived.

Íllea Juan-Nadal

A thief and master cat burglar of the Amaranth Aristocracy. She was taken out by Malareth and Amdio in front of the Hall of Whispers.

Aurixus Gix

Aurixus Gix was a warrior of some renown and used a sizable sum to buy his way into the festival. However, he was defeated by Daevon Ivir in personal combat at the start of the contest.

Magnarad, son of Magurjen

A student of the Acadamae specializing in enchantment. He had made a deal with the devil Nagxiv in exchange for magical power.


Terentius Alfonso-Estaña

Lover of Orianna Delmore, Professor of Necromancy at the Acadamae, Terentius took part in the Breaching Festival in 1372. He entered the Hall of Wards and never emerged. Within the hellish realm of Belzeragna, he made a pact with Chyvvom to escape, but before he could go, he needed to find his spellbook in the library. Unfortunatly, the spellbook was in the Professor's Office. After meeting the Breachers, he asked them to help. They slew the invisible stalkers tormenting him and Malareth returned his spellbook to him.


A handmaiden devil, Marijkal was bound to Chyvvom through pact. She asked Malareth to destroy this pact in exchange for information on Chyvvom, the Ebon Watcher agreed. When Chyvvom was destroyed, Marijkal was freed with hopes to deal with Malareth again some day.


A barbed devil in a pact with Maganrad, son of Magurjen. Unfortunately, the devourer Valshune killed and ate Maganrad's soul before he could collect. Nagxiv made a deal with Malareth to release Maganrad's soul from the undead beast. Afterwards, the devil simply disappeared.


A hungry devourer who swallowed the soul of Maganrad before Nagxiv could collect.


A cunning pact devil and the master of Belzeragna.


Tulisa Sentecore

Curator of the Los Torres Compass Lodge

Varina Talos

Captain of the Guard.

Tadeo es’Orñelos-Mirez

see Tadeo es'Orñelos

Father of Andreu. A womanizer and man of low morals. He banished Lavina Fortana to Belzeragna when Andreu was young. After Andreu became headmaster, he banished Tadeo from the city.

Tophas es’Orñelos-Mirez

see Tophas es'Orñelos

Seska Materez

A student of the Acadamae. She fancied Andreu es’Orñelos and was eager to impress him. She ended up summoning a retriever using a stolen scroll and was badly injured during the fight. Daevon Ivir offered to pay for her expenses.

Isabella Ivarra

Died during a summoning of a retriever with her classmate, Seska.


see Tenser

Having come to this highly publicized Breaching Festival, he was impressed with Andreu's ability.

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