cast of characters in A River Without Water Saga

This is a list of characters from A River Without Water Saga.

Main Characters

Anton Halfhand

see Anton Halfhand

A warrior from the western lands. Anton refused to swear to Elegast because of the prince's hautiness, but when the prince finally asked him in person, Anton agreed to join the quest. His sword was integral in all their battles. When Aldaen grew weak and grey in Chernomor's tower, he thought Michelle was to blame was was ready to slay her if not for Sigurt who stopped him.

Sigurt Kraemer

see Sigurt Kraemer

An herbalist and wrestler. He was on the front line in the Battle of Ackerburg and defeated many elves. However, he swore allegiance to Elegast when he heard his quest in exchange for training under elven herbalist masters.

Bors Riverstone

see Bors Riverstone

A hunter from the northern woods. Bors is a clever man who was always planning and helped Elegast with his knowledge of the lay of the land, though he and Elegast spoke much of their differing morality. Bors' bow helped in a great many battle.

Aldaen Zolmir

see Aldaen Zolmir

The son of the great blacksmith, Sangar the Maimed. He joined the quest with Anton, though was the first to feel the sting of the curse of King Kaschey. He lead the Red Slayers into the lair of the dragon Tugarin Zmeja and successfully obtained the location of the wizard's tower.

Residents of Ackerburg

Fyodor Burgasov

The town skald. Fyodor is a burly fellow who loves to drink and tell fine tales.

Adolfus Cloos

A self-titled Master Hunter. He has a scar over his left eye from a battle when he was younger. Now beginning to grey, he wishes for bigger and better prey before he becomes to weak for the hunter's trail.

He possesses a custom dual-bolted crossbow bought in Lawbunnen.

Natassia Cloos

see Natassia il'Berzanti

Daughter to Adolfus, she is the only lass in Ackerburg to wear breeches. The krinfyra wrangler and no stranger to fights, she has a sour disposition that puts off most of the townsmen.

Johann Crull

The patron of the Crull family and a known layabout. While he was known to be a dullard and a thief, he was also an accomplished fencer with his family's ancestral longsword, Kampvenn.

He died while fighting the light elves by falling through a hole in the town hall's roof.

Samson Crull

Youngest brother of the Crull sons, Samson followed Sebastian after the latter swore a blood-feud on the Zolmir family and ran out of Ackerburg.

Sebastian Crull

The eldest of the Crull sons. Sebastian blames Aldaen Zolmir for the death of his father and has vowed a blood-feud on the Zolmirs to make Aldaen know how it feels to have a loved one perish.

He left Ackerburg after the death of his father and took his younger brother and the family sword, Kampvenn, with him.

Olaf Cuno

Shopkeeper and one of the few friends of Bors Riverstone.

Dreng Kraemer

Shaman and uncle to Sigurt.

Kersti Kraemer

Shaman's daughter and acolyte.

Gerd vel'Rodorn

Wife to Rolf and leader of the women's circle.

Rolf vel'Rodorn Chief

Chieftan of the Red Eagle Clan and mayor of Ackerburg..

Alex vel'Twardowski Pfarrer

The town priest of Ornus.

Fritz Wolheim

A goat herder.

Elfrida Wreyith

Daughter of Mal Wreyith and object of Sigurt's affection.

Mal Wreyith

Keeper of the Two Falcons Inn.

Golina Zolmir

Sangar's daughter. Has a love for Sigurt. Family black sheep, loves gossiping.

Melfrin Zolmir

Trillian's wife.

Rama Zolmir

Aldaen's younger brother.

Sangar Zolmir the Maimed

see Sangar the Maimed

Patron of the Zolmir family. Aldaen's father.

Triana Zolmir

Sangar's wife and Aldaen's mother. Manages household.

Residents of Thrace

Anders vel'Bulow Count

Count of Urland County.

Elspeth vel’Bulow

Spoiled daughter of the Urland Count.

Inga vel'Bulow

The Count Lesser

Steffen Grobschmeid

The marshal of Thrace. He shot Sigurt in the shoulder when the wrestler refused to leave when ordered. Afterward, though, they joined forces and climbed Mt. Thrace to find Elspeth.

Frederik Altenburg

A militia member

Volker Manzel

A militia member


Chernomor the Wizard

see Chernomor

A dwarven wizard, a villain and binder of wills. He had Tugarin Zmeja kidnap Princess Ionuin and take her to his tower, where she was kept until rescued.

Elegast, the Silver Prince

see elegast

Prince of the Silver Elves. His real name is Creiche Airgid Samhradh Prionsa, leader of the Red Slayers. He formed an uneasy alliance with the heroes in order to save his sister fro mthe clutches of the wizard Chernomor.

The Erlking

see Erlking

King of the Silver Elves. His true name is Alucail Airgid Samhradh Rí.


Female eisvolk. She was thrown from her village for dead when her arm was broken. Anton convinced her to come with them and he brought her to Sister Orlova to be taught the ways of the gods.

Ionuin, the Silver Princess

see Ionuin

Sister to Elegast. Real name is Ionuin Airgid Samhradh Banphrionsa.


Ogre slaver. He had received the princess from Tugarn Zmeja and given her to Chernomor. When the heroes met him, he refused to tell them the location oft he wizard's tower, so they slew him.

Michelle Martin

see Michelle Zolmir

A Canstian girl who was captured and kept as a slave to Karabas the ogre. She was freed and followed the heroes, though only Anton could speak her language.

Nika Orlova

see Nika Orlova

Wandering priestess of Ornus. She was on a pilgrimage when she happened upon the camp of elves while the heroes were fighting Karabas. She helped bind their wounds afterward and took the tutelage of Gunda, the eisvolk.

Princess Rusalka

see Princess Rusalka

Daughter of King Vodyanoy. In a dream, she told Bors how to approach the ogre Karabas.

Ayasha Scimbare

Tiefling servant of Chernomor. She fought the heroes in an attempt to retrieve Princess Ionuin, but was defeated. They left her alive in the tower.

Tugarin Zmeja

see Tugarin Zmeja

A three headed dragon who kidnapped Princess Ionuin. He was under the enchantment of the wizard Chernomor.

Zaghnol, the Father of Great Boars

see Zaghnol

Father spirit of all Dire Boars. Bors found his tracks in Grosseben Wood and decided not to hunt in that part of the forest.

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