cast of characters from Legend of Elemental Evil

This is the cast of characters from Legend of Elemental Evil

Main Characters

  • Argentea; dragonborn warlock of the old gods; Dark Omens; Lord's Alliance. Three eyed familiar named Skulk.
  • Florica; tiefling bard, sister of Volanda
  • Kayden Cross; human cleric; Lord's Alliance
  • Palladius; dragonborn ranger; Strange Map; Threigian Warders. Mastiff companion named Rex.
  • Vessin; svirfneblin paladin

Red Larch

Dark Gnomes


Threigian Warders

  • Sedina Wolfjaw; one of the five leaders of the Warders. elf barbarian

Invisible Blades

Lord's Alliance

Brotherhood of Thieves

Order of the Iron Spear




Water Cultists:

Earth Cultists:

Fire Cultists:


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