Cassius Algôl
Cassius Algôl
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Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
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Family Information
Family Members House Algôl
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Cassius Algôl was a chancellor to Arasia the Bloodwolf. He was a skilled manipulator and accrued intelligence on political rivals. His spies, which were everywhere, made him a knowledgable man, if not arrogant.

His father was the last son of a long line in House Algôl. His great-great grandfather was married to an imperial daughter and Cassius remembered it with pride, even though his tie to the Emperor was weak.

He was half-brother of Lord Droyn Tursgart.


Severe Wounding

Cassius fought against Ibben as a squire. After receiving a near fatal wound, his dreams of becoming a warrior was crushed. Afterwards, he concentrated on politics and learned that more damage could be made with a word than with a sword. He performed his diplomatic tasks with a ferocity that rivals the Brehr battle-fury.

Political Ambitions

Cassius used his contacts and allies to make the best of any situation, and handsomely rewarded those that served him. Cassius's sharp mind and physical strength gave him an advantage in the courts - he had been in battles, and knew the advantages.

Outmanouvered at Court

When Queen Echo Therosin visited with Arasia the Bloodwolf and spoke with her, Cassius could see the devious Queen of Whispers putting thoughts into Arasia's head. Cassius attempted to circumvent the process and change Arasia's mind, but he was beaten by Echo and they both knew it.

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