Cascalavian Peninsula

The Cascalavian Peninsula is one of the three large peninsulas of southern Nora (the other two being the Devil's Hand Peninsula and the Segrettellian Peninsula). It spans from the Five Finger Mountains in the north to the Sabian Desert to the south. Two smaller peninsulas contribute to its shape, surrounding the Gulf of Ragno.

The peninsula is split between the Noran regions of Deipero and Termegnio and the only continental territory of Labylithea, in the south. The Sea Cat Islands are considered part of the peninsula.

The Benalto Mountains run down the center of the peninsula, with hills adjacent to the south east, holding the Valley of Ruins. The northern part is mostly plains and the coasts are lined with cliffs.

This peninsula has mainly a Mediterranean climate, though in the mountainous parts the climate is much cooler and its natural vegetation includes macchia and deciduous and mixed deciduous coniferous forests.

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