Canstian Peerage
Heraldry of Canstian nobility

Canstian peerage is the privileged order of Canstice. Canstian nobility care deeply about heritage and will often name their children after famous ancestors. Some noble are known to have an impressive amount of numerals following their name. The discrepancy between noble and commoner is large, including rights, privileges, social status and often wealth.

The nobility in Canstice has been described as "over bloated". Compared to other Allied Kingdoms, Canstice features many more counts and barons.


Ancient Aquaria

Lyantium Empire

Age of Knowledge

  • Lord il'Comelli named Duke of Erdrafos

Classes of Canstian Peerage

Five Ancient Houses of Canstice

The Five Ancient Houses go back all the way to the Aquarian Empire. These houses have outlasted all the other houses of their day, climbing in power. Whether starting off small or large, they have stood the test of time and have become the most respected of all Canstian houses.


Bought peerage.




Aristocratic Codes

Canstian Noble Families

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