location in nora
Capital Tir Loghain
Largest City Tir Loghain
Archduchy Grenith
Kingdom Tir'Ein
Ruling House House of Kildare
Demonym Caelic
Formation ?
Area ?
Population -
Common Languages Common

Caltirech is a region in Tir'Ein.


land of heroes. Cycle during early age of magic.

Famine two hundred years ago.

Was mostly untouched by the Black Empire. Remained primitive until Nora conquered it. Some still wish for independence and they may get their chance with the Severing War.

Ancient invasion of Lorasians, and another of Midgardians during the Ages of Magic and Kings.

Ancient inhabitants include Fomorian and Firbolg giants


Fomorians arrive

after flood c3,500

Humans arrive

(200 hundred years afterward) c3,300 PI

First giant war

Second giant war

Fir Bolgs arrive

and fight eladrin

Days of Heroes

Beginning of Human rule

Creation of the Ogham script for the sylvan language. c

Hero Cycle

Caltirech Cycle c

Exodus to Lorasia

Age of Kings

Migardians arrive

and fight giants and locals. c400 PI

Noran influence

Introduction of the common language. c200 PI

Modern Caltirech

Joining Tir'Ein

Another giant war




Loch Thythyfrea

Ysbryd Forest

Standing Stones of Nocfana Plains

Nocfana Plains

Mt. Ruacrag

Fadachfane Valley

The Barrens

Loch Tiarlana

Fot'rach Cliffs

Cliffs of the Ruins, as in Princess Bride

Nofadorn Isle

Sacred island with monastary

Twelve Wands

Cathel Mountains

Caitalam Wildlands

Northern Caltirech where the barbarian tribes still live. Also badgerfolk.

Bruchdadh's Tower

Skylark Forest

The Barrens

Darkcloak Woods

Relatively low-lying mountains surrounding a central plain epitomise geography with several navigable rivers extending inland. lush vegetation, a product of its mild but changeable oceanic climate, which avoids extremes in temperature.

Thick woodlands

Twenty-six mammal species such as the red fox, hedgehog and badger, being very common.
Also hare, red deer and pine marten

No spiders.

valley where herbs and plants which have a variety of uses, from nigh-indestructible thread to healing balms

Notable plains "hill-slope" where the fir bolgs lived. The plain is not flat but consists of little drumlin hills. mehir circles litter the area. and a crossroad can be found here. the last battle of the fir bolgs vs the eladrin took place here.

The plains region is sacred to one of the feylords and he is said to sleep beneath the lake

Small northern purple flowers that can be eaten for food without any other source.

"Giant's Ring"

Lake - Six Mile Water

North shore home to birds

Mountains called the seven sisters

Ornus's Tower, a very tall mountain

Cave system - marble

Small mountains range, the Twelve Wands

The barrens, miles of scabland, a desert of rock, about 10x10 miles

Dire elf, Dire hawk and Dire Wolves

giant seaweeds

Swordwing Falcons


Aillthair (Small City)

- port city, blessed by angels, monastary, clocktower, pirates

Benathcrann (Small Town)

- town, wizard's tower,


see Cairshengol

Small druidic village


- lakeside, home of a powerful clan, sparrows, notable tavern

Eglasmor (Small Town)

- town,


Gaim Nathair

see Gaim Nathair

- giant snake demon. silver bell. old eladrin city. nearby ruins.



- home of an Iron dragon looks for adventurers to delve into dragon lairs in search of powerful items


- noble family, over a caern, castle, drugs, home of a saint


Nuithair (Large Town)

- newer town, on a river, almost ghost-like twice as many buildings as people

Sharbach Dun

see Sharbach Dun

- major fire 300 years ago, elf population, two rival groups warring,


- Old inn, one of the oldest inn/bordellos in Nora

Tir Loghain (Large City)

- capital city home to a special type of beer and also an ancient book of history and magic.
- Castlerock - the King's castle, the castle built from the rock of a nearby mountain where devils lived. at that mountain is a statue of St Lydia.

Trathair (Large City)

- large city, south, home to bandits and rebels, gardens



Clan Coilri

Clan Ricketair

Clan Cronmuin

Clan Fiacha

Clan Sleamuin

Clan Otire

Strange native sports; kick boxing, rugby, dog racing. Horse racing is popular, so is fighting sports

Home to many druidic traditions


Also, gnomes, known for their giant killing skills

Dragonborn population is growing

specific type of dire wolf, white fur, used as mounts by elite personalities

People here speak Sylvan

South known for bandits

People used to worship then Feylords, but since Nora took the land, they have embraced the Ingredori and are devout worshippers.

Fomorians wear goat masks

Home to Bear Warriors, those with a mix of druidic and midgardian learnings.

Also home to the druids known as the Keepers. Very old school druids, lead by elves.

The Tricksters - a group of those who fight a geurilla battle for independance.

holiday celebrating the victory over the giants

Food includes potato bread, fish and gnomish food

Several clans - Clan of High Kings, Clan of Invaders (black legions splinter), Clan of the Wolf, Clan of the Forest Kings, Clan of the Giantblooded, Clan of the Spear

Known for poets


Entrance to the Bonecaern

The Bonecaern

- massive dungeon, druid themed, house of the dead, very old, caern


Fir Bolg ruins

Caerns, underground dungeons, dot the landscape

Bottomend Castle

- built to defend against the giants


see Elindor

Eladrin ruins

Old Mahl's

Hag's house

Oirgraeg Monastary

Large Monastary, home to a lock of St lydia's hair

a hag known as the Queen of Winter, carries a hammer and a staff of ice, she is known to frequent a whirlpool off coast

Witch's Stone

- a round tower

foulspawn in the mountains and elves fighting against them. Foulspawn lead by a aberrant dragon.

Frost Giant
Dark Fey
Galeb duhr
Fey-hounds (Cooshee)
Aquatic Elves
Dullahan (headless horseman)
Fuath (Water goblins)
Sluagh (devils)
Banshee (undead elves)
giant skunk
giant frog
giant snake
Feather Circle
Trick Sparrow
silver and white dragons
dire elk

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