Aliases The Corpse City,
City of Warmth,
Cradle of Thought
Size Megopolis
Location vitezza, Canstice
Ruler Mayor Matteo Ranzi
Population 3,000 mortals
5,000 demons (estimated)
85,000 (1376 NS)
Exports Fine crafts, wool, textiles,
artists, fruit, livestock

"Ghost stories? Eighty thousand people died here in one day… is it any wonder there are ghost stories?"

Calori is the capital city of Canstice. The city sits on the Walled Hills in southern Canstice at the mouth of the Grigio River.

Calori is know for its horses and its love for horse racing. The city is also known for its contributions to art and architecture and as a center for trade and finance. It is ruled by the royal House il'Fiammone.


Battle of the Shadow Bridge

see Battle of the Shadow Bridge


Calori's population is separated into two greatly different social classes. The oppressively rich and the desperately poor.

Calori is known as the “cradle of thought” for its monuments, churches and buildings. The best-known site and crowning architectural jewel of Calori is the Sacro Bagno di Calori, the cathedral where the royalty of Canstice is baptized and crowned.

City Layout

Calori's most notable feature is the Lover's Wind tunnel that allows large ships though the first hill and into the city harbor.

There are seven major districts; the noble, the entertainment, the scholarly, the harbor, the commoner, the worker’s, and the traveler’s districts.

Sapientiam is the city's university and wizard academy.

Calori also has on of the most extensive city undergrounds of any city in Nora. Vast and cavernous, these underground passages were made to allow water into the land without flooding the city. Mostly made of catwalks over the sea floor, the underground is riddled with oozes and other dangers.


The city not only famous for its art and architecture, but also for the Orchid, the infamous crime syndicate that retains a choke-hold on the populace. The leader of the syndicate is known as the il'Nero.

It seems the only inner city organization that has managed to elude the Orchid's grasp are the halfling dockworkers and their minotaur servants.

Famous Inhabitants

Jesse il'Rubicci III - half-elf psion
Kale Thulglemir - human paladin
Girel - Minotaur ranger
- Owner of the Winking Dagger Tavern

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