Caitalam Wildlands

The Wildlands (Sylvan: Áit Cháidheaoldar, "the place of the peoples") are a region of northern-most Caltirech. It is culturally distinguishable from the southern Illynlands that make up the most of Caltirech. The boundaries are not exact, but most consider the regions to the west of the Cathel Mountains (north of Toyburg) and to the north of Bottomend Castle to be distinctively wildlands.

The area is sparsely populated, mostly consisting of humans, but with a significant population of badgerfolk and eladrin remnants of Tir Maith. The people of the wildlands are perhaps the most cut off from the culture of mainstream Nora and most cannot speak common, instead using an ages old local dialect of sylvan. The peoples are split into rival clans, each father clan with its own child clans under it. Cities are few and far between, with most of the people living in small villages and hamlets.

The Kingdom of Tir'Ein was allowed the region to exist autonomously with a Council of Chiefs that is called together for regional administrative needs.

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