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Size Village
Location Caltirech, Tir'Ein
Ruler Tomaltach the Aedh
Population Total population: 795
Humans: 94%
Half-eladrin: 3%
Eladrin: 1%
Gnomes: 1%
Other 1%
Exports ?

Cairshengôl, locally called Creigceangail (kreh-ig-kayn-ga-il), is a small village in the northern hills of Caltirech, Tir'Ein and within Tempest Vale. It lies some miles south west of Fardock in the Caitalam Wildlands and is isolated from many outside influences. The village is home the small wildling Clan Aedh (ay-ch).

The settlement sits only a short distance from Highmoon Forest and is little more than a logging village, comprised almost exclusively of lumbermen in the employ of the Lumber Consortium and their families. With few exceptions, the buildings and their inhabitants belong to the Consortium and totally depend on the overpriced goods delivered by the organization.

It's said that in times long past, fomorians settled in the surroundings of Cairshengôl; rumors persist that forgotten treasures of their fallen civilization yet remain to be found. Yet today it's a place for the desperate with no other place to go, for outcasts and religious zealots seeking to avoid hindrances brought on by their surroundings.


1368 NS

Members of the Brothers Hospitaller come into the village to help deal with an outbreak of blackscour.


Monaghan Manor

Home to Tomaltach the Aedh as well as his maid, Alba.

Anrái Túr

Also called the King's Tower.


A stone circle on a hill outside of town. Built by the old fomorians who used to rule a kingdom in the area. The individual stones vary from around 1 m to 5 m in height, with an average of 4 m, and are of the local Caitalam gneiss. Local legend says that the stones are Fomorians who refused to worship the Ingredori were petrified as punishment.


Cairshengôl is located a short distance north of Highmoon Forest, and many of the inhabitants of the community work as loggers within the forest's confines in the employ of the Lumber Consortium; roads radiating from the town often lead to lumber camps operating on the edge of the treeline. The volcano Bruchdadh's Tower dominates the skyline to the northwest, and its presence is felt throughout the region in the form of mudpots, geysers, and areas of past lava flow.

A minor river acts as the northern boundary of Cairshengôl, as it passes northwest through Tempest Vale. The settlement boasts the flow's only ferry, a fact that helps secure the Consortium's hold on the region as currently no bridges span the river to provide other means of easy passage.


As with the rest of northern Caltirech, Cairshengôl experiences a maritime climate with cool summers, mild winters, often strong winds, plentiful rainfall, frequently overcast skies and sparse amounts of sunshine.


Cairshengôl is a center of northern Caitalam tribal culture. They speak the Caitalam dialect of Sylvan and are often hard to understand to foreigners. Some community leaders speak a rough common.

The town follows druidic tradition as held by the Keepers.

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