Caer Teithio
Caer Teithio
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Caer Teithio, also called the Sunless Citadel, is castle in Vatharond. It stands on Todwerder, an island in Finstersee. It is the famous abode to the elven vampire, Dyne.


The castle was built by Rugler vel'Rathun as a wedding gift to his cousin, Emily in 463 PI. The castle stayed as a home to the family for several generations.

In 5 PI, Elknor the Black sent his lieutenant, the vampire Death, to kidnap the elven princess Gwyn Tywysoges. Death took her to Caer Teithio, he killed all the inhabitants and created a stronghold for the Death Legions. It was then Death transformed the princess into Dyne.

After the defeat of Death, Dyne ruled what was worth ruling in the Fellwood until she was slain. Now, her body lies in the castle with the heart removed. Also said to be in the castle is the sword that slew her, Tairne.

The Winter Ball

Every sixteen years in the winter, a sign is posted in the central square of Freeburg by an apparition. It announces a ball to be held in Caer Teithio open to any who can survive the journey. All who have dared take the invitation have returned changed, floating through life as if all spirit had been drained from them. Some whisper rumors of this as Dyne attempting to return to her unlife.

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