Caer Duhbgar
Caer Duhbgar
location in nora
Capital Newcaster
Largest City Newcaster
Archduchy Grenith
Kingdom Tir'Ein
Ruling House House of Harlow
Demonym Kerran
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages ?

Caer Duhbgar (cair doo-gar) is a region in western Tir'Ein. It is a coastal region with a long shoreline bordering the Spearhead Bay and the Darkmouth Sea. It is surprisingly urbanized despite its distance from the light of Alexandria, mostly due to the presence of Lorasia nearby.

Large fishing and shipping culture. Losing money due to Lorasian embargo.


Ancient Naga Empire

Elven Tribes

Migration to Lorasia

Geography and Climate

Cathel Mountains

Darkmouth Sea

Greygides Isle

Fauna and Flora

Naga (along the south)
Frost Giants (in the mountains and hills)
Trick Sparrows in the south

Major Settlements

Champort (large town)

Home to a reputable gym. Warrior town. Town celebrates Solvos in earnest. Also famous for medicine and doctors. Prints a newspaper.

Earlcath (Small city)

Military city. Haunted by ghosts and phantoms at night. Famous resident of a good aligned mad star pact warlock - friend to children.

Fánport (small city)

Jail house.

Newcaster (metropolis)

see Newcaster

The City of Shadows. One city in the day, another at night. Large Marketplace. Expansive underdark tunnels underneath. Home to a college.

Saythalt (small city)

Steel workers and blacksmiths. Known for workmanship. Large lords castle - Bancroft Tower. Legend of a boy riding a turtle. Because of this legend, large number of dragonborn residents.

Toyburg (large city)

Sacred spring of healing. City divided into square districts. Notable population of Kidan people. Large boating culture.




where the cloakers are found

Drakan's Lair

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