Caeden Algôl

Caeden Algôl was a famous diabolist and the father of Yrag Algol.

Lord Caeden Algôl began worshiping devils and began work on a sword of unspeakable evil. Arasia the Bloodwolf discovered this and branded him a traitor and heretic. Yrag and his brother, Wyard, confronted and murdered him, though Wyard died during the fight.

Caeden Algol was discovered to be practicing devil worship, performing the animation of the dead and the creation of evil artifacts. Gorgonstone was marched on and laid siege to. At first, all of House Algol was unified in defense against Brehr, but Yrag and Wyard saw no redemption or chance of surrender with their father and chose to kill him within the Great Hall of Gorgonstone. Wyard was mortally wounded in the fight. Harlan and Yrag opened the gates and were pardoned from any crimes.

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