Cade Summersong
Cade Summersong
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Maiad, Coranthe,
Date of Birth 1329 NS
Home Alexandria
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Halfling
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Bard
Loyalty Nora

Cade Summersong is famous as a roaming halfling bard telling tales of historic heroes and deeds. He dresses in a crimson naval coat and a tricorne hat and speaks with a typical gruff halfling accent. Cade’s travels have made him very knowledgeable about both current affairs and historical events. He has spent the majority of his life learning bardic tales from all cultures and also witnessing great deeds in the making for himself.

Cade is very charming storyteller, but a somewhat sarcastic conversationalist. Using his vast base of knowledge and network of contacts, there is little he cannot uncover. Always willing to trek into the unknown, the only thing that seems to shake his countenance is undead.

He is also a skilled smith.


Early Years

Hired by Ke'Vadar

see The Hand of the Drow Saga

In 1372, Cade was hired by Ke'Vadar while in Broadleaf Inn to create a ballad about the exploits of his party.

The Breaching Festival

see The Archmages Saga: Conjuration

At the Breaching Festival in 1373 NS, Cade was there to take a closer look at Daevon Ivir.

Adventure in the Vin-Roshu Hills

see The Verdant King Saga

In 1376, Cade met up with K'shk at Lon Saesh and traveled with him and his fellows to the Vin-Roshu Hills in Ibben.




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