Cabal of Truth

The Cabal of Truth was a goodly religious order that worshiped Damien, Lord of Ravens based in Maghdath. They believed their formless nature and ability to take on other people's faces was a gift of the Lord of Ravens to be used to ease the pains of others who had lost loved ones by taking the place of said loved ones to ease their suffering, while also acting as protectors of those persecuted for being mad or insane.


The Cabal was an ancient organization with its roots in the Dark Empire. The progenitors of the guild were doppleganger slaves that escaped the mines within the Wyrmspires. For the next thousand years, they were based at the Black Aerie in Maghdath.

However they were hunted down and destroyed by a group of fanatical human racial zealots called the Purebloods during the Orcwars.

Possible resurgence

Some people whisper of the return of the Cabal, but instead of quiet priests, they have risen again as vengeful assassins. The full story is yet unknown.

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