Burning Wars

The Burning Wars were a series of conflicts wherein the Kingdom of Brehr invaded cities and territories of surrounding kingdoms. The Kingdom of Aethurias to the west and the Kingdom of Coranthe to the north took the most of Brehr's attention.


Ashiaana II Brekenbach, a new Iron Queen of Brehr, took the throne and with the power of the Bronze Orb of Dragonkind, trained a legion of dragonriders.


First Burning War (231 - 215 PI)

Brehr attacked the Kingdom of Aethurias through the Shadowhive Forest.

Rebellion of the Lens (215 PI)

Second Burning War (210 - 204 PI)

The second war began with aggression against southern Coranthian cities.

A second front against Aethurias resumed as well.


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