Brysur is an ancient and powerful primal spirit heavily revered by the druids of the Old Path. He is the reincarnation of the first druid, taught by Myronbane. His home is Brysur's Hollow on Greatstaff Island, which is watched by his good friend Cader Saith.

Brysur maintains Greatstaff Island, the sacred center of all druidic studies. He is also an important member of the Old Path, but has found himself increasingly in conflict with the elf Archdruid Elder the Second. Against Elder's wishes, Brysur welcomed humans onto the island and taught them many closely guarded secrets.

Although not bound by form, he usually takes the appearance of an owl-man.

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Every so often, Brysur chooses to be born again into the world and to once again learn the ways of the druid. He has been revealed to have been reincarnated as many influential druids over the ages.

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