Brokenstone Vale

Lycanthropy does not originate in the Feywild, but
lycanthropes have a special bond with nature, and
many roam the forests, hills, and dales of this plane.
Hated, feared, and hunted in every corner of the
mortal realm, some lycanthropes have forsaken that
plane to dwell in a forest domain deep in the shadows
of a mountain pass: Brokenstone Vale. Centuries
ago a werewolf lord forged a kingdom of werebeasts
here and fought a fierce war against the neighboring
eladrin realms. After decades of strife and bloodshed,
the Court of Stars conceded to the lycanthropes the
lands they’d conquered. Old stone posts on the far
side of a river that winds across the vale’s mouth
mark the agreed-upon border. Travelers who pass
them take their lives into their hands, for Brokenstone
is a place where lycanthropes can roam freely.

Living in the Feywild as a lycanthrope is a
double-edged sword. On one hand, the moon here
is much greater and much brighter in the sky, stoking
the werebeasts’ bloodlust to giddy new heights
of savagery. On the other hand, that same moon is
sacred to the archfey called the Maiden of the Moon.
She abides by the ancient pact and does not venture
within Brokenstone, but she bears a special hatred for
lycanthropes, and her silver sword is the doom of any
werebeast that crosses her path outside the vale.
Within the maze of forested ravines and steep hills
of Brokenstone lie the ruins of old castles and towers
where werebeast rulers of years gone by raised keeps
or built halls. The mountainsides above that flank the
vale are riddled with decrepit mines where wererats
make their homes. A few of Brokenstone’s lycanthropes
gather in sullen clans or live among the ruins
of the old rulers, but most lead solitary lives, keeping
to themselves.

Although most lycanthropes here rarely bother
to disguise their nature, a cluster of small lodging
houses stands at the edge of Brokenstone for those
who wish to walk as humans when needed. These
ragged huts cling to the banks of the rushing river
that defines the boundaries of the realm. The werewolf
lord Viktor Mazan is the master of this place,
and he maintains a brutal peace so that merchants
can bring supplies and trade for rare wood harvested
from within Brokenstone’s hidden vales. Viktor does
not allow travelers to remain long, and he sends the
merchants off again as quickly as possible.

Many of Brokenstone’s lycanthropes chafe at even
this much restraint. Some of the werebeasts hunt far
beyond the boundaries allotted to their kind long ago,
risking open warfare with the eladrin again. Others
have sworn fealty to a fomorian king named Bronnor
whose fortress of Harrowhame lies nearby, and they
plot to ambush and slay the Maiden of the Moon. The
archfey are not deities, after all.

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