Brochmaer Reef
Brochmaer Reef
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Brochmaer Reef

born in newcaster. 127 yrs old.

lady was told by priests was unable to bear children. lord lie with chambermaid. she got preggy, but so did the lady. lineage paperwork was lost. it is not know which baby was which. open to option. divination magic shows brochmnaer is the bastard.

father is alive, mother is dead. 2 trueborn, 2 are bastards. all siblings are boys. all younger.

no unusual birth.

abberations attacked city while child. holds resentment against them. church of caiphon

rough and tumble kid. got a mentor of sorts. father sent to train with different masters.

one of the masters gave him the zolmir dagger.

7 great cities of the Near World, overcome masters.

dead master.

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