"As the pack, so the wolf."
location in nora
Capital Luendig
Largest City Luendig
Archduchy Dollan
Kingdom Ilefain
Ruling House House of Rietdekker
Demonym Len
Formation ?
Area 28,000 sq. miles
Population 3.3 million
(37% Human,
20% Dragonborn,
18% Gnome, 10% Half-elf,
7% Dwarf, 5% Kamik,
3% Halfling)
Common Languages ?

Brehr is a region of Ilefain. Before the Fainish Unification, the Kingdom of Brehr was one of the kingdoms of the Four Brothers Era.

flatlands and Nordmere Earthmotes

The people tend to view themselves as modest, tolerant, independent, self-reliant, and entrepreneurial. They value education, hard work, ambition and ability.

large military force
Government is hard handed and monolithic

Dracheblut Clan Dwarves


Draconic presence


major road - Amber Road


Brehr was inhabited in turn by Kamiks, Humans, and in the Four Brothers Era settled by displaced Dragonborn, who established several city-states. The dragonborn filled the power vacuum left by the collapse of the Aquarian Empire. They soon crossed the southern river and established rule. Amidst repeated clashes between dragonborn and gnolls, the Kingdom of Brehr eventually occupied its current borders.

Aquarian Era

Kingdom of Brehr

One of the first monarchies of the Age of Kings. Formed by Arasia the Bloodwolf.

The Burning Wars

During the later Age of Kings, Brehr was the seat of some of the most important western fortresses and castles.

Age of Prosperity

Revolution and Dark Empire rule

The Reclamation

The Brehren King signed the Treaty of Brotherhood and the Kingdom of Brehr was absorbed into the nation of Ilefain and was kept as the Duchy of Brehr.


Duchies and counties


Far eastern duchy

Geography and Climate

Natural harbors

flat - lots of floods

Moats are common around len towns and castles.

Lots of storms


Three major rivers. Rogenve (running through Rogendig), Leunve (running through Luendig) and Nomusive (running through Serague).


Highest Point: Jen-Pazien (2,700 ft.)

The Night Forest

see Night Forest

Filled with dark fey. There is a hidden grove in the forest protected from evil, Kira's Grove. It was here that Ke'Vadar received his Epiphany.

The Nordmere

The floating islands of the Nordmere.

Verdant Hills

The Green Warden, the Hill that Speaks like a Man is a genius loci in the hills. A druidic society called the Earth Shaker Wardens guard and venerate him. On occasion they will raid southern lands in order to strike at the abolethic servants around Lake Granlea, though innocent lives have been lost because of these raids on more than one occasion.

Fauna and Flora

Dragonborn brought over "sacred herbs"
lots of flowers
giant birds
light horses
giant bats
aquatic creatures

Dark Fey
Sea cat

Major Settlements

Ducforet (Large Town)

Small wooden area

Epetant (Large Town)

Estrim (Village)

Fincrit (Metropolis)

Flechdig (Small Town)

Arrow River

Lefort (Large City)

Leundig (Metropolis)

see Luendig

The capital of Brehr. On the Leunve. Location of the Palace of the Lotus, seat of Archduke Clermont Carol ab Highwind and his Queen Consort, Adelaide.

Nordest (Small City)

Passague (Small Town)

see Passague

Mountain pass city

Perecham (Small City)

Pontrev (Small City)

see Pontrev

Famous for its bridge.

Rogendig (Large City)

see Rogendig

Serague (Large City)

Sucrlac (Small Town)

Lake town

Vylet (Small Town)

This town is a human settlement in name only. Only two miles away in the mountains lies the clanhold of the klann-dracheblut of dwarves. This clan, while settled away from the Wyrmspires, still holds allegiance to the Kaiser of Untergrund. However, the young Clanfather Dunkel Starkeherz seems to be increasingly unconcerned of the edicts that come from the east. The Starkeherz family is strong in dragonblood and they grow bold, soon to find themselves on the edge of revolution from Untergrund's hold.

Yorik (Small Town)

see Yorik


warrior tradition


herders of yan

holiday where children light lanterns and ask neighbors for gifts
Holiday celebrating the birthday of the regent lesser


Dragonborn from Four Brothers

Dwarves in the Little Mountains




Social Tolerance
Liberal allowances - drugs, prostitution. Practices technically illegal, but too rampant to stop.

At odds with the rest of conservative Ilefain

burlesque shows


Concerned with politeness, manners and proper actions.

Dislike grey areas and tend to be optimistic.

They speak directly and use a lot of eye contact. To a foreigner this may seem intimidating, especially in cultures where matters are discussed with extreme care and politeness

When meeting friends and relatives, the brehry often kiss cheeks three times. Normally, the first kiss is on the right-hand cheek, the second on the left and the third again on the right (from the perspective of the person being kissed). This ritual is also often used when saying goodbye. Women will kiss women and men, whereas men kiss women but shake hands with other men.


Generally people dress formally in black, dark blues or grays. White is not commonly worn.


famous for pastries


Brehr is one of Ilefain's main wine producing areas, it is well known for both its red and white wines. The reputation and quality of the top wines, together with the fact that they are often produced in tiny quantities, has led to high demand and high prices, with some Brehrens ranking among the most expensive wines in the world.


The Atruculum

Fortress build during the Burning Wars. Now occupied by the Darkscale Renders, a group of dragonborn loyal to the fiendish black dragon, Ilsentrenant.

Chateau Aloft

A castle found on a floating earthmote above an island in the Nordmere. While the castle seems completely inaccessible by normal means, many sailors have said that is is often teeming with activity. Of what this activity is, very few can say. Most agree that it is the lair of some unknown dragon and its minions.


Town taken by Derro.

Greenviper Quarry

One of the only areas one may find the metal orium. Orium dragons guard this with a pact of non-action with the dwarves of the Little Mountains.


Tower of the wizard Ziel ven Kahl, who is opposed to the local draconic influence. He schemes to free the Archduke from the influence of Cieltirer (also known as the Lady of Blades), an elder steel dragon masquerading as the Queen Consort Adelaide.


Locathah city with friendly relations with Brehr, but not Coranthe.

A man fights gnolls at
Waterfall Temple.

Waterfall Temple

Ancient Shi'imti ziggurat

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