Bors Riverstone

Bors Riverstone (1319-1368 NS) was a Vathroni hunter and fur trader who lived outside the village of Ackerburg in Grosseben Wood. He was an expert tracker and could hunt any beast, but was lacking in any etiquette with townsfolk. Bors inherited his family's legacy of being sensitive to the presence of spirits and fey.

Bors has two older brothers and a younger sister, all of whom live in the village. His daughter is Ranita Riverchild.


Early Life

The Duel

Bors dueled Anders Zolmir, Aldaen's brother, by a race across Lake Zelenen. However, Ander's endurance gave out and he drowned.

The Elven Princess


Slave of Praavda and Death


Bors aspires to be greater in his martial exploits and viewed Anton Halfhand as an inspiration. He was also good friends with Olaf Cuno, the shopkeeper.

Bors is one of the few villagers to ever see the spirit of the lake, King Vodyanoy.

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