The Bluecloaks are an Alexandrian Guard group specialized in magical crimes. Founded by the wizard, Ezzerbarin the Mighty.

Bluecloaks often wield swords and rods when detaining and executing warlocks to avoid a technical infraction of this Law. At several points, however, Bluecloaks have used lethal magic against wizards; Bluecloaks are allowed some latitude in the heat of combat.

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In 906 NS, Xananua, the Deathwhore, a very powerful elven necromancer, begins attacking towns and even lays siege on Alexandria by animating the Burial Grounds in the Battle of Open Graves. She was later stopped by a group of mages lead by Ezzerbarin the Mighty and was imprisoned in the Alexandrian Dungeons.

The group of mages were awarded accolades and became the first formation of the Bluecloaks, a branch of the Alexandrian Guard with jurisdiction over magical crimes.


The Bluecloaks have full control over the city's teleportation circles.

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