Blue Regal
The Blue Regal flows north

The Blue Regal (elven: Gwrhell Afon) is a river in central Nora that flows from the Lune Mountains to Bluog Seirff Sea. It feeds into and from Thieves Lake. It is known as the Gateway to Alexandria. Legend says the river was named by Alexander after he gazed on it and remarked on its kingly qualities.

It is a tame river, modified by man for over a thousand years. There are several canals branching off of the river. It is considered safe and entirely free from bandit or monster attack. The river has a domestic quality to it. Farmsteads and good quality stone bridges are common. The people who live along side it are generally cosmopolitan, even outside the cities, and friendly to travelers.


The Blue Regal is domestic




Stone markers


Goldcrown once grew almost exclusively on the shores of the Blue Regal. Now relatively common, the goldcrown blossom is now a popular symbol of the river itself and the culture of those living on its shores.

Small regal crabs are common in the river, as are eels. Herons and kingfishers. Swans.

There is a legend of a large, peaceful creature living in the river. It is said that if you see it and make a wish, the creature will grant it.


The Brencarrig is a monument marking the northern border between Ten Horns and Tir'Ein. It depicts the two kings, Alexander and Aramil Brenin, grasping hands over the river in brotherhood.



The elves used the river as a boundary of sorts. Rarely going westward of its waters. It is possible that the elves once warred with the troglodytes of the Rotting Hills.


Age of Kings

Dark Empire


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