Blue Dragon Tribe

The Blue Dragon Tribe is a Vathroni clan. Like most vathroni clans, the Blue Dragon Tribe is descended from the dragontribes of ancient times. The clan is very powerful politically and there has been at least one Blue Dragon holding regency in the various kingdoms of Vatharond for over 4,000 years. The clan's established home city is Vyknir.

The clan is unique in all other Vathroni clans in that they refer to themselves as a "tribe". This is due to their wish to honor their roots as a dragontribe.

The earliest written records of clan business did not emerge until late in the Age of Kings. According to tradition, the clan has held the land around Vyknir for a thousand years, although this is contested by the Stone Hand Clan.

Blue Dragons have participated in every major war in the land of Vatharond since its discovery and they are legendary in their strength and ferocity.

Mancurats'or is the patron dragon-god of the Blue Dragon Tribe.

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