Bloodsun Rock

Bloodsun Rock, also called Velkyn Oloth, is the underground compound that is in itself a magical artifact. It constantly gives off radiation that is in all ways exactly like that found in Dar-Kunor in the far north.

Found in the desert lands of Moro, in the middle of the goblin infested lands, Velkyn Oloth is the perfect place to hide the legendary drow artifact, the Hand of Mortath.

The entrance is a simple looking cave jutting out from a grouping of rocks in the middle of the desert. The characters enter to climb down stairs for about a quarter mile, the tunnel is lit by torches glowing purple.

The Stairs empty out into an impressively furnished foyer. Rugs, chandeliers, couches, wine cabinet, everything is clean and looks brand new. Even a true seeing will show this to be real. There is a front desk but nobody is behind it. A small silver bell awaits to be rung. There are a number of doors but none may be opened through any means.

At the tone of the bell, a man enters with a noble demeanor. He introduces himself as Dei, the guardian of Velkyn Oloth. Dei is careful never to lie, and will take his time in the answering of questions if need be. Dei gives the party an item to help them through the mazes; it looks like a large silver pocket watch, but when the clicker is clicked, a holographic model is projected from the watch's face. There are 99 levels to the maze, but Dei points out a shortcut that takes them from level Three to level Ninety-Seven.

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