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Aliases the Proud City
Size Metropolis
Location Septembio, Val Acqo,
Ruler ?
Population 34,000
Exports ?

Blanc is a port city in Canstice. Blanc has been nicknamed the Proud City due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. The city's rich cultural history in notably its art, music and cuisine. It is the birthplace of (famous explorer), (artist of portraits) and (musical virtuoso).

Blanc is one of the country’s major economic centers. The city has hosted massive shipyards and steelworks, and has a solid financial sector that dates back hundreds of years. The Bank of Exalted Manael, is among the oldest in the world and has played an important role in the city’s prosperity.

Famous for breed of horses.



An ancient bronze tablet from the Shi'imti Empire.

Age of Exploration

Home to the most successful explorer of the age.

Thousand Man Revolution

During the Orcwars, the people overthrew the corrupt nobles of the city. A very risky venture, but successful in the end.


Iconic lighthouse / temple
Town patron is Manahel Barzel
royal palace
city hall
temple of Manahel Barzel
Verai Songbird Cathedral
great gates to the city
vast gardens
greats walls and fortresses
home to a unique sauce that is put on everything
bardic college
home to many famous bishops and cardinals
three previous heirophants
House il'Ghini (tied to bank / necromancers, like to make deals)
House il'Sinistro (holy warriors, tied to church, cardinals and military officers)


Guild of Fallen Stars

Velsina - NE drow bard; wields whip dagger
Andrew - NE human telepath; bully psycrystal
Kass - N Human cleric of Damien; wields morning star
Ciarda d'Okoth - LN drow rogue/wizard; smuggler; lives in sewer

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