Elknor's Black Guard
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Elknor's Black Guard, sometimes referred to as the Imperial Guard or simply, the Black Guard, was an elite unit of the Dark Empire's armed forces (specifically the Death Legions) tasked with the protection of the Dark Lord, Elknor. Elknor was almost never seen without a detachment of Black Guards at his side, so much that they usually accompanied him to his bed chambers and his throne room within the Black City. The exact number of Black Guards serving the Dark Lord was unknown, with speculations ranging from less than fifty to hundreds, although their numbers were estimated to be at least six hundred at any one point. Like the Death Legions of the Death Legion Corps, the Black Guards formed a military unit independent of the Imperial Military and answered directly to the Dark Lord.

The Black Guard was based out of the Imperial Black Guard Academy. Candidates for tutelage under the Academy, picked from various units in the Imperial Military, underwent rigorous training programs designed to build a sense of extreme loyalty to the Dark Lord, with students often being forced to kill each other in live combat. Guardsmen were trained in various forms of martial arts. Guardsmen were commonly equipped with longswords and lances, in addition to shortbows for ranged combat.

Following the death of the Dark Lord during the Battle Against the Black City, the unit, without a leader, was scattered for several years. However, the unit was reconvened, fighting for a newly risen leader claiming to hold the spirit of Elknor. When a member of the unit was implicated by the new leader's personal cleric with afflicting him with illness in a bid to become a new Dark Lord, he led a slaughter of the unit's survivors. The order fell to infighting and eventually collapsed.

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