Black Maesters

The Wizened Circle, also called the Black Maesters, were a group of maesters who were allowed access to the knowledge and power of the black-grimoire. The circle was kept at thirteen members; some publicly known, some secret. Only noble-born men were allowed to take the oaths of the order. The only female member of the order since its founding was Serena Céléclair.


Traditionally, wizards of circle grow their beards long. They wear black robes to separate them from regular maesters, who wear red. Often, their robes feature the patterns of constellations that have special meaning or bring fortune.

Their hats are tall and yellow.


The order was officially not under the orders of the King of Ibben, nor should it have worked for Ibben's interests. However, observers found that it often did just that. Often, nobles from other kingdoms hoped to place a member of their own families into the circle as to gain a mole into the dealings of such a secret and important Ibbish organization.


Members under Archmaester Gavan

Speaker of the Wizards

The Speaker of the Wizards were the representative of the Circle. His duty was to maintain communication between the King of Ibben and the Wizened Circle. This role was always performed by a trusted and scholarly knight.


It is said that the Wizened Circle has power over a greater demon.

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