Black Dragons

The Black Dragons are the personal friends and loyal servants of sergei-vel-fitigern the Giant Killer. Members known as Drachebruts advise him on battle strategy and bolster his confidence whenever he regrets the toll his war is costing.

Made almost entirely of peasant rebels, the Black Dragons are dedicated to Sergei's vision of a free Vatharond. Under the leadership of Sergei, they employ guerilla tactics and have achieved several victories such as the successful siege of two Noran castles and the city of Hammerstock.


The founder of the Black dragons is the farmer Sergei, whose farm had been burned down and whose kinfolk had been killed by a marauding military regiment. Since the regiment had been employed by the Noran authorities to suppress the civil peasant uprising, Sergei put the blame on the authorities. After this he gathered angry peasants and some petty noblemen from nearby cities and formed the Black Dragons.

The first four members are formed in the initial rebellion. Other members joined regularly as the war went on.


The members of the black dragons.
Top row: Sergei, Yzen, Yarhol, Vasko, Kseniya,
Second row: Sigerith, Nikolai, Estrid, Burgwulf,
Hrodwyn, Ramazan.

Honorary members and allies

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