Black Dragon

Black dragons are a breed of chromatic dragon.

Lording over the darkest swamps and marshes, black dragons are the undisputed masters of their domain, ruling through cruelty and intimidation. Those who dwell within a black dragon’s reach live in fear. Black dragons tend to make their lairs in remote parts of the swamp, preferably in caves at the bottom of dark and fetid pools. Inside, they pile up their filthy treasure and sleep amid the roots and muck. Black dragons prefer their food a bit rotten and will often allow a meal to sit in a pool for days before consuming it. Black dragons prefer treasures that do not rot or decay, making their hoard, full of coins, gemstones, jewelry, and other objects made from stone or metal.

Black Dragons are notoriously sadistic and evil and due to this they do not get along with many creatures. Most humanoids are destroyed and eaten when entering their territory. As watching civilization crumble is their most favorite thing in all of their existence any towns nearby are likely to have a Black Dragon invade local politics through bribery and manipulation. Nothing pleases them more than when riots break out and the town destroys itself.

Sometimes lizardfolk and bullwugs are found as slaves or worshipers of Black Dragons as they share a swamp like territory. Black Dragons are particularly fond of bullwugs as their society is disastrous at best and will entertain them to no end. They normally do not allow other races to stay long as they will usually start filling up their feeding chamber when bored of any other race. They will keep a society of lizardfolk or bullywugs close for centuries as guards if needed. Lizardfolk are desired as being very capable and obedient guards.

Black Dragons are born fighters and killers so when pitted against formidable opponents they like to fight, and know how, but always fight dirty. When against other dragons they will immediately go for the eyes with their breath weapon or attack from the shadows if possible. They will then wade in with a frenzy of bites, claws, goring with their horns and stinging and bludgeoning with their tails. They also like to particularly target other dragon’s wings as they want the flight advantage if things get too dangerous for them.

With humanoids and other smaller foes they like to start with a tail whip and knocking as many enemies as they can down. Once unable to move they will douse targets in their breath weapon and move in to finish them off with their teeth, wings and claws. There’s nothing easy about fighting with a Black Dragon. They also prefer to keep at least a few survivors for pickling.

Many tales of heroes biding time with a dragon playing against its pride have led many to believe this is a viable strategy in dealing with Black Dragons. When in truth most dragons and especially Black Dragons are smart enough to see past such ploys and only entertain themselves by playing with their food as they call it. A Black Dragon likes to position themselves in a way when facing a humanoid that at least part of them is obscured to surprise sting with their tail. They will entertain conversations for long times if the topic is interesting and sometimes will spare a creature if it feels the relationship could be beneficial, for a time at least.

When a Black Dragon is outmatched or in danger they have no qualms in leaving to fight another day, as they will fly away. Per their personality normally they will remember those foes and plot a subtle and excruciating death for all involved later on down the road. Letting a Black Dragon live is sometimes more dangerous than finishing a close fight. They are crafty and creative in their revenge and exact it completely.

Females – It’s important to distinguish the difference of females and males in particular. Females are far more solitary in nature only possibly keeping in contact with their fathers. Usually a dragon is never far from their lair but with females this is possible and they are far more likely to employ trusted slaves, servants, allies or pets to guard treasure while gone. Females never mate with their fathers, this is openly admitting a fondness or weakness.

Males – Males are just as evil and sadistic but this behavior clashes with their love for their children, although begrudgingly. They normally don’t leave their area and are slightly distressed in leaving their territory in case young need guidance and of course their treasure. Males are more prone to bartering and conversation being less traveled than females but still enjoy a fun pickling as any other.

Notable black dragons

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