location in Reshaga
Capital ?
Largest City ?
Ruling House ?
Demonym ?
Formation ?
Area ?
Population 60,000
Common Languages ?

Bhalluka is the mahajanapada most dedicated to warfare against the yuan-ti. Bhalluka Kshatriyas are trained from birth in the ways of the vile serpent-folk and their jungle home. Their Brahmins venerate the most warlike devas, particularly the bear-spirit Mahabhalla who gave the kingdom its name. Bhalluka also has a long tradition of battling the yuan-ti with magic, and its swami are among the most feared in the Seven Kingdoms.


Two orders devoted to fighting the yuan-ti dominate the Bhalluka kingdom. The first, known simply as the Slayers, sends scouts into the jungle to fight and kill the yuan-ti in their own lands. These scouts are trained in wilderness lore and battle tactics, learning special techniques to kill their hated foes. The members of the Slayers are usually shikari, and their most advanced members adopt the shadow scout prestige class.

The second order is called Sarpa-Vyadhaka, and they devote their lives to sniffing out the influence of evil within Bhalluka. One of the yuan-ti’s favorite tactics is to send tainted ones into Bhalluka to infiltrate the kingdom and work their evil within its borders. The members of the Sarpa-Vyadhaka are trained as shikari and swami before adopting the witch hunter prestige class.

The third major organization of Bhalluka is the temple of Mahabhalla, the great bear. The Brahmins of the bear-spirit are not nearly as influential as the Brahmins of Gandharva, but nevertheless direct much of the activities of the kingdom. They lend their divinatory skill to missions against the yuan-ti, and they lead the ferocious devapalas of their temples against yuanti incursions as well. The devapalas of Mahabhalla’s temples often adopt the bear warrior prestige class.


Bhalluka lies in the verdant grasslands of the distant west, at the edge of the Mahavana Forest. In these lands, the forest seems intent on invading the fields and even the city-state of Bhalluka itself, with vines, ivy, and seedlings sprouting constantly throughout the kingdom. The people of Bhalluka repel the jungle just as they repel the yuan-ti that persistently send spies, raiders, and assassins into the kingdom.

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