Beuroi of Flute

Beuroi of Flute (28 PI - 14 NS) was an Élevéger King of Canstice from 5 PI until 14 NS. During his kingship, his rule was reinforced by Exalted King Alexander in 1 NS. He had a lasting impact on Canstice and was considered a great warrior-king.

All of Beuroi's reign as king was filled with confrontation and conflict between the Élevégers and the Dark Empire, as well as the remnants of the goblin kingdoms. His armies were instrumental in the War Against the Darkness and he became a close ally to Alexander.

After the defeat of Elknor, Beuroi inflicted a decisive defeat on the goblins, whose lands he subsequently occupied. However, the alliance with Ilefain caused Beuroi come unease however, and he therefore began the commission of fortifications along the Golden River.

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